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The Chancellor needs to plan for Brexit

This week we learned that the Chancellor has decided not to plan for a Brexit "no deal" scenario with the EU. He does not want to commit any cash in case we are unable to get a deal with Brussels and I don't think that's acceptable at all! He is responsible for the...

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Glasgow University Brexit Debate

I was honoured to participate in the Glasgow University Brexit debate last Friday. Myself, Tom Burns and Mark Littlewood opposed the motion "This House regrets Brexit". We debated against Alistair Campbell, Alan Johnson and Christine Jardine. We had a fantastic...

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The fight against cybercrime

The European Commission’s beefed up Cybersecurity Agency designed to organise pan-European cybersecurity exercises annually and ensure better sharing of threat intelligence and knowledge, a further step by the EU to take control of the internet. A document from the...

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Meet Diane

Diane was elected as the MEP for the South East region in 2014. Diane played a prominent role campaigning for Brexit on national and international radio and television in the EU Referendum campaign last year.

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