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I am sick and tired of American failed politicians telling us what to do

I hope you all caught up with American Bloomberg’s latest comment effectively telling the UK that we were effectively nuts to vote Brexit. His comment brought to mind the World War 2 comment ‘Overpaid, oversexed and over here’. This was said supposedly as good humoured banter between US soldiers and UK citizens.

Of those 3 adverbs certainly ‘overpaid and over here’ apply to him.

But are you, like me, getting seriously fed-up with a bunch of US citizens telling us what to do, that we got our decision wrong on Brexit?

Whether it be Obama (political has-been) Hilary Clinton (political has-been) and now Bloomberg (another political has-been) – they all share one personality trait :namely their complete inability to comprehend that UK voters rejected EU membership and that democracy won! Maybe it has something to do with being US Democrat by political allegiance? Even Mr Bloomberg was one before switching to the Republicans, but of course leopards never change their spots do they…

Well my response to Mr Bloomberg is ‘shut up, keep your Brexit views to yourself and stick to your day job’ because your interference in a decision taken by the UK, by its citizens, and a result achieved by democratic means is none of your business.

I want to hear your thoughts on this! Please answer my poll below!

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